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The Intelligent Heart II

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Again, from something I read: a single heart cell placed in a laboratory slide (observed under a microscope) keeps beating but shortly loses its rhythm and dies. Two heart cells placed at a distance also results in the same observations; but when placed close together (but not necessarily touching each other), they “start beating in synchrony (with the same rhythm) and they do not die.”

The same phenomenon occurs on a larger scale in the case of a complete heart. All the heart cells beat in synchrony (with the same rhythm in unity), which makes the heart such a powerful organ. (Gohar Mushtaq, 2006)

This phenomenon is called ‘entrainment’ and is a result of matching electromagnetic waves pulsated by each of the tiny heart cells. Thus, “the heart produces waves of electromagnetic energy” and “can be measured using megnetometers from as far as three feet away from the body.” Therefore:

When people are in close proximity in a room, their hearts start to beat with the same rhythm. Even their breathing pattern synchronises in such instances. (Gohar Mushtaq, 2006)

United we stand, divided we fall?


Written by zimin175

May 8, 2011 at 5:07 PM

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